Group Classes

General physical fitness.

CrossFit is a functional fitness program aimed at improving your overall fitness.

Incorporating movements like running, jumping, lifting, and carrying, each CrossFit Group Classes centers around one Workout of the Day. These workouts change daily in order to create as much variety as possible. And experienced coaches lead every step of the way so you know you’re doing the right things.

What to Expect in a CrossFit Group Class

  • 2-10 classmates and one coach leading the class
  • 10 minutes dedicated to a warmup & cool down
  • technique demonstration and practice
  • 5-20 minute workout


New athletes will be asked to go through our ONRAMP program before entering CrossFit Group Classes.  ONRAMP consists of three 30-minute sessions with a Coach followed by 14 days of Unlimited CrossFit Group Classes. During ONRAMP you will be introduced to our fundamental exercises and get a chance to practice under the watchful eye of a Coach.

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