Looking for a place to drop in while you’re out of town? Checking out local boxes in order to find a new CrossFit home? We’d love to have you come train with us!

We know how hard it is when you’re in-between boxes. Or worse, traveling.

Your training suffers. Your nutrition gets all messed up. And you can forget about stretching.

Well don’t let it happen this time!

Come in for a class with us and keep your training on track. Fill out the form below to schedule your free Drop In class.



Does it cost to drop in?

Your first Drop In is free! After that, our Drop In rate is $20 per class. We also have punch cards available for longer stays.                              

Can I do my own thing?

We are 100% committed to coaching. That means all of our open hours are dedicated to classes or personal training. If you’d like to drop in to a class we’d love to coach you!

What are your classes like?

Relaxed environment but structured class. You can expect to be coached the entire time. But we spend more time cracking jokes than we do comparing scores.

Fill out the form below. Once you’re finished, a Coach will be in contact to schedule your first class.