Looking for a place to drop in while you’re out of town? Checking out local boxes in order to find a new CrossFit home?

We know how hard it is when you’re traveling. Your training suffers. Your nutrition gets all messed up. And forgt about stretching.

Well don’t let it happen this time!

Come in for a class with us and keep your training right on track. Click the button to schedule your first class.

Have questions? Check out the FAQ below!


What is the Drop-In rate?

Your first drop-in class at CrossFit 704 is free. After that the rate is $15 per class.  If you plan to take 5 or more classes there are Punch Cards available.

Can I buy a t-shirt instead of paying the Drop-In fee?

You may purchase one t-shirt or tanktop to cover your first payment.

Why is there no 5:30pm class available?

The 5:30pm class is our most popular class. In order to maximize our member’s experience, we do not allow drop-ins during this class time.