What’s your goal?

Many people want to be fit…what’s YOUR goal? Our coaches focus on your goals and determine the best course of action to meet those goals. Some people prefer to work out in a group. Others prefer the one-on-one attention of Personal Training.

CrossFit Group Classes

Coaches lead every minute of each hour-long class. Giving you the guidance and focus you need to make your fitness a success.


Classes are different each day; following a warm-up, skill work, workout, cool down template. We keep your training interesting by changing the classes each day. And we tailor each workout to fit your individual fitness needs.


Classes blend basic functional movements (squat, push, pull, run etc.) into short, intense workouts designed to get you more bang for your buck.


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Personal Training

Have specific goals and need training to match?

Personal Trainers create a fitness program designed to help you achieve your goals. And then guide you along the way. Each private training session is designed with you in mind. Sessions are booked at your convenience And your warm-up, workout, and cool down are all written to help you progress towards your end goal.

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