Ready to start training with us? Follow this simple four-step process and get started today!


Step 1. Sign up for a No Sweat Intro

Schedule a time to come in and talk with a Coach. You’ll get a chance to learn about our programs, ask questions, and see if we’re the right fit for you.

Step 2. Choose between Group Classes or Personal Training

Once you’re ready to get started it’s time to decide whether you’d rather train in a group environment or one-on-one with a Coach.

Step 3. Learn the fundamentals

Spend the first 30 days learning the basics in a one-on-one setting. You’ll get to practice safe technique for all of the key movements without the stress of a class environment.

Step 4. Start training

Now that you’re comfortable with the fundamentals it’s time to start slowly increasing the intensity. Choose a monthly class membership or schedule your next training sessions.


OnRamp is our 30-day introductory course designed to teach you the basics of CrossFit. We cover everything from movement technique to nutrition in four one-on-one training sessions. After those four sessions you have the remainder of the 30 days to train in our Group Classes.

OnRamp is for anyone who has less than 3 months of experience participating in CrossFit classes at a registered affiliate. Our goal is your safety. We want to make sure that you’re as safe as possible when you train with us. The best way to do that is to ensure that you learn all of the fundamentals before moving on to complex exercises.

OnRamp costs $199 for 30 days of training. You have 30 days to complete your four one-on-one training sessions. If you finish those sessions before the 30 days are up you may join our Group Classes for the remainder of the time. 

Absolutely! If you know exactly what you’re looking for you can purchase your first membership here.

No. All of our memberships are all month-to-month memberships. That means you’re not stuck in a long-term contract. This gives you the flexibility to change your membership as you see fit.

Absolutely! We have a variety of hybrid membership options that combine Personal Training and Group Classes.

Ready to Get Started? Let’s Go!