Nutrition Challenge

January 14th – February 11th

Can you believe it’s almost 2019 already?!

You know what that means…It’s time to start making plans to get back in the gym and get back to crushing your goals for the year! And that means taking control of our diet after a long holiday season of cakes, cookies, and home cooking.

But don’t worry…we’ve got just the thing to help you out!

Join us for a fun and challenging four-week Nutrition Challenge to kick-start your year and make 2019 better than ever!

You’ll learn a highly effective diet strategy (the Zone Diet); join a team of other motivated individuals; receive one-on-one coaching and tips along the way; AND have a chance to win one of our Individual or Team prizes.

We’re going to keep track your daily effort, graph changes in your body-fat percentage, and track improvements in workouts.

Do really well and you could be declared Nutrition Challenge Winner

Are you up for a challenge?!