Our aim is to improve the lives of our community through high quality fitness coaching in a friendly environment. Exercise should not only be rewarding but it should be fun and safe as well.



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Located in the Northlake area of Charlotte, North Carolina. CrossFit 704 has been serving the local community since 2012.

10806 Reames Road Suite S, Charlotte, North Carolina 28269

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I was terrified to start CrossFit period! I had it stuck in my mind I could never complete a workout and never work that hard at working out. More accurately, I did not want to fail. The best part about that is, nobody lets you fail.

Cassie E.

It didn’t take long for my flexibility and stamina to improve significantly. While focusing on new areas such as gymnastics, my other strengths such as lifting and running were not hampered but actually improved.

Cameron J.

Doing CrossFit, especially at CrossFit704 is no longer about losing weight or fitting into smaller clothes. It is about gaining self confidence in a community environment that is centered around helping one another grow. CrossFit704 is a wonderful place to get a fun workout in while doing it with people that genuinely care about your progress.

Nick T.

CrossFit 704 has been the best experience! I genuinely look forward to going after work and think the coaches are fantastic. They put a lot of hard work into their plans and it really shows. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging!

Hope Y.

I absolutely love this gym! I’ve never felt comfortable in a gym before, and both the members and coaches here instantly made me feel welcome. All of the coaches are very attentive to each individual’s workout, ensuring safety and proper form. Such a positive environment for growth in the gym.

Elizabeth T.

CrossFit 704 has become more than just a gym for me. Each day I feel more like I’m a part of a family. It’s a clean gym full of great and helpful people that won’t hesitate to push you to be a better version of you each day!!!

Matt B.

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