I was terrified to start CrossFit period! I had it stuck in my mind I could never complete a workout and never work that hard at working out. More accurately, I did not want to fail. The best part about that is, nobody lets you fail.

Cassie E.

It didn’t take long for my flexibility and stamina to improve significantly. While focusing on new areas such as gymnastics, my other strengths such as lifting and running were not hampered but actually improved.

Cameron J.

After yet another period of losing motivation and taking a break from the gym I needed something new and to get back in shape. I thought I’d try CrossFit and, honestly, I’ve never felt more motivated to be active and healthy in all aspects of my life.

Chris S.

CrossFit 704 has been the best experience! I genuinely look forward to going after work and think the coaches are fantastic. They put a lot of hard work into their plans and it really shows. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging!

Hope Y.

I instantly felt welcome and part of an amazing group. That, coupled with the amazing workouts and results, made me know that CF704 was the place for me.

Eddie J.

I like CrossFit 704 because it feels like an actual community not like a normal gym.

Macky T.

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