CrossFit 704’s Location

We’re located in North Charlotte. Nestled inbetween I-77 and I-485. Accessable off of Harris Blvd.

Our community is built off of individuals from all backgrounds with different fitness levels. We offer an on ramp program for newcomers, group classes and personal training that uses the CrossFit methodology. CrossFit is constantly varied funtional movements performed at relatively high intensity. All weights and movements are infinitely scalable based on ability.

When you first come in you may notice there are no machines. We believe you are the machine. You will find weights in different froms. Plates, barbells, kettlebells, dumbells, and sandbags. We use pull-up bars, gymnastic rings, and stacked boxes. With plenty of space to use these tools to become the best version of ourselves.

CrossFit 704’s Coaches

Our team of CrossFit coaches are here to support your training and ensure you ejoy a safe and fun experience every class.

We vary in our style of coaching but we share the passion of helping our members reach their potential.


Chris Yandle


Phil Limague


Abby Lackey


Jake Lawerence


Spencer Grummel


Derrik Miller