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Member Testimonials

CrossFit 704 has completely changed what I think I’m capable of. The community has helped push and support me. And the coaches help me get better each day. I just want to be the best “me” that I can and this gym helps do that.

Cassie E.

Doing CrossFit, especially at CrossFit704, is no longer about losing weight or fitting into smaller clothes. It is about gaining self confidence in a community environment that is centered around helping one another grow.

CrossFit704 is a wonderful place to get a fun workout in while doing it with people that genuinely care about your progress.

Nick T.

I think new people come in pretty nervous, cause they don’t look like the people they’ve seen on TV or the internet. They might be interested in learning how to do stuff, but they probably come in feeling a little like they’ll never be able to do most of it. That’s how I felt when I walked in for the first time. Then I realized everyone there was pretty much just like me

Joe F.