Getting Started


If you have never been to a CrossFit facility, we recommend trying out a free class.  We offer up to 3 free classes, after all you want to know what you're getting into right?  Our Free Trial pass can be used towards any of our CrossFit classes. Click here to sign up for you free class today!  


After your 3 free classes you have two options, jump in with our regular classes and learn how we "scale to fit your fitness needs" or sign up for a one-one-one introductory session with one of our coaches.

If you feel like you are ready to attend our regular group classes you can view our schedule here.  If you feel like your technique with the movements is lacking but still want to work in a group setting, look for our CrossFit 101 classes as they are geared towards our beginner athletes.

Our one hour introductory sessions are one-on-one classes where you work with a coach in a personal setting to learn and practice our core movements.  The one-on-one setting allows the athlete to progress at an individualized pace and focus on dialing in technique before moving on to a group setting.  Athletes can schedule as many one-on-one sessions as they feel necessary to become comfortable with the movements.   Each introductory session will include a warm-up, movement and technique drills, and a challenging workout.

Our one-on-one sessions are available for scheduling Monday through Friday. Reservation is required to attend and you can sign up online for any of our group classes or purchase a One-on-One Private Session here.  Make sure to call or email to schedule an appointment with one of our coaches!

If the class times listed above don't work for your schedule or you are experienced with CrossFit, call us at (704) 594-1329 or email us to get started!


If you are redeeming a voucher, please call us at (704) 594-1329.