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The Training you Deserve

Why CrossFit 704?

Friendly Environment

Workout in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. Get fit along with other like-minded people

Member Community

Be a part of a supportive team. Share your achievements with people who really care.

Dedicated Coaching

Experienced coaches lead every minute of every class. Each class goes through a warm-up, workout and cool down.

Time Management

Your time is valuable. Classes start right on time and last 60 minutes are less.

Nutrition Guidance

Regular nutrition challenges and dedicated coaching keep you on the right track to hit your goals.


Learn proper form and technique from your very first class. Learn how to prevent common injuries.

Fitness For Life

Coaching for your goals

You deserve a coach who will go the extra mile to get you where you want to be. Someone to teach you the movements. And motivate you along the way.

That's where we come in. Our focus is your fitness journey.

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Member Testimonials

  • The community at CrossFit 704 is strong and supportive. We encourage, push, and assist each other to be better every day.
    Cassie E.
  • It didn't take long for my flexibility and stamina to improve significantly.
    Cameron J.
  • CrossFit 704 has provided me a professional environment to continually exceed my fitness and strength training goals.
    Erich F.
  • Love this gym! Great coaches and great community. One of a kind.
    Esther L.
  • This location is amazing. CrossFit is all about community and I feel it every time I show up. HUGE part of CrossFit is the supportive community aspect.
    Ed J.