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If you have never been to a CrossFit facility, we recommend trying out a free class.  Our Free Trial pass can be used towards any of our CrossFit Group Classes.  Click here to claim your Free Trial pass!  

After Your Free Trial

If you are new to CrossFit, we ask that your first 3 classes go towards our Foundations introductory course. Each 1-hour Foundations class will include a warm-up, movement and technique drills, and a challenging group workout. After Foundations, you're ready for our CrossFit Group Classes!

Our Foundations courses meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings at 7:30pm. Reservation is required to attend. These courses often book up weeks in advance. You can view a schedule of our upcoming Foundations courses and sign up online here.

If the class times listed above don't work for your schedule or you are experienced with CrossFit, call us at (704) 594-1329 or email us to get started!

Redeem Your Voucher

To redeem a voucher, call us at (704) 594-1329, email us, or sign up for a Foundations course online here!


What is CrossFit?

Every day, you bend down and pick things up, put things over your head, sit down and stand up, and play with your kids. CrossFit prepares you for the real world by performing functional movements in our workouts.


CrossFit 704 is a 2,000 square foot facility focused on improving the health, vitality, and fitness of every dedicated member that walks through the door.  We work hard, harder than most realize they are capable of.  It's worth it.

About Us 

CrossFit 704 is home to not only phenomenal coaches, but phenomenal human beings. They are fun to be around, fun to work with, and sure know their stuff.  Our coaches work hard to make people better everyday.

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Our group classes last an hour. That leaves 23 more hours in a day to make awesome changes to your life.  We do our best to educate anyone who cares to know about diet, lifestyle, and anything else relevant to living an awesome life.

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